Namib Desert on the coast of Namibia has been featured in a few films. Most recently in an action-packed car chase scene in Mad Max : Fury Road.

The remake of Flight of the Phoenix from 2004, where survivors of a plane crash try to rebuild the plane is also filmed in the Namib Desert, although the movie takes place in the Mongolian Desert.

Namibia, located in the south west parts of Africa, with coast facing the Atlantic Sea gained independence from South Africa 1990.

Namibia is partly surrounded by two deserts, Kalahari, that extends to Botswana on the east and on the west coast Namib desert, which is claimed to be the oldest desert in the world. Estimated to have existed for at least 50 million years old.

Namibia – Not for beach-holiday

One can think that desert plus coast means dreamy beaches that are perfect for a swim. Well, think again. You shouldn’t travel to Namibia for a beach holiday even though the coastal town Swakopmund would give you nice beaches. The water is cold from the Benguela Current from the north of Antarktis and is rarely over 16 degrees celsius. The currents can also be strong and will be dangerous even for an experienced swimmer.

The cold water that meets the warm climate creates fog and makes the visibility worse during early day. This will also make it a little bit cooler climate along the coast.

Film-Crew sparked outrage

Mad Max : Fury Road was first planed to shoot in Australia, but some heavy rain had made the landscape a bit too green, which didn’t fit for the movie. Instead they relocated to Namibia and not everyone was happy with the crew being there. Local guides claiming the crew destroyed the sand dunes and the wildlife. Also leaving tire tracks in unexplored areas. Government was happy though and Namibia gained a lot of tourism since then and during the year of filming the movie, over 900 people found employment.

namib desert coastal line

27 juni, 2018