A young Leonardo DiCaprio half naked on a dreamy beach. That’s probably enough to sell this movie.

The Beach is an adventure/drama released 2000, directed by Danny Boyle who a few years earlier got praised for Trainspotting. Recently he’s done Slumdog Millionaire and 28 days later to name a few.

The movie starts with Leo’s character Richard traveling to Bangkok from USA, living backpacker-life. He meets a few people and a weird guy named Duffy tells him about a beautiful hidden Island in the gulf of Thailand. He has a map of the island where there’s also supposed to be a cannabis-plantation.

The movie then goes on with amazing scenery from different locations in Thailand, but the one who got most attention was Ko Phi Phi Leh and it’s amazing beach Maya Bay. An island close to it’s ”main”-island Phi Phi Islands.

Both islands are today well visited by tourists and Vehicle-forbidden Phi Phi Islands is known for it’s calm  during the days and partys late at night. Here you can stay from cheap hostels and bungalows to 5 star luxury hotels.

On Ko Phi Phi there’s no hotels though. You do day trips mostly from the harbor of west coast of Phi Phi Island. Most popular with a Long tail boat which takes roughly 45 minutes. Maya Bay is like a cove, with large mountains protecting the beach from large waves.

Tourism destroying the wildlife

Of course the attention has it’s downside with the island now being overpopulated with tourists annually. Recently they closed it down temporary for a few weeks for maintenance and to protect the corals in the bay.

maya bay in thailand

27 juni, 2018