On the north island of New Zealand, two hour south of Auckland lies the Hobbiton Movie Set – Lord of The Rings & Hobbit.  A private-owned lot in the region of Waikato that moviemaker Peter Jackson and his location scouts found. The land is a sheep farm and about 1 250 acres big.  The location scouts and Peter Jackson found it similar to how JRR Tolkien described the Hobbit village in his books.

Lord of the Rings

During almost nine months, starting 1999 they created and transformed the area to fit the movie, which they later on spent three months filming until they moved on to other locations. The main changes was the 39 temporary Hobbit Holes. The plan was to demolish the village they’ve built, but they decided to keep a few of the Hobbit Holes which later on, 2002, became the tourist attraction that today still lives on.

Tourism Increase

Creator Peter Jackson, born and raised in New Zealand has single handedly boosted the economy of New Zealand. According to the Tourist Board international arrivals almost dubbled the first twelve years after the release of first Lord of the Rings movie 2001. Since then he’s also started a few production companies and helping filmmakers in New Zealand which has resulted in more employments.


2009 Peter Jackson returned to the world of Hobbits. He wasn’t meant to direct the movies himself, but when director Guillermo del Toro left the project when it got delayed due to some schedule problems, Jackson had to step up.

They reconstructed the Hobbit Village and after the shooting was finished they kept the village without changes. They’ve since built a restaurant – The Green Dragon Inn, where visitors can finish the tour with a meal and drinks. They even have their own beer.

The Hobbiton Village doesn’t only offer tours, you can rent it for a private event or eat at the café. Or, why not get married there?

27 juni, 2018